Anja Leist

University of Luxembourg, INSIDE

Walkferdange, Luxembourg

Anja Leist


Health in Old Age: A study on the interplay of Economic and Individual influences.


With lower fertility rates and an increasing life expectancy, the age composition of the European countries will change dramatically. Both from an individual as well as political perspective, there is an ever increasing need to delay health problems as long as possible and to identify variables that contribute to remaining in good health. The causes for health inequalities in old age to date not fully understood. It has been shown that (macro-) economic as well as individual variables influence health, but the interplay between macro- and micro level variables on health in old age has not systematically been investigated yet.

The project thus aimed at (1) combining the individual and economic perspective on health to provide an integrative model of health in old age, at (2) differentiating the impact of individual and economic variable on health in different stage of old age, and at (3) making recommendations for individuals at risk and drawing attention to economic influences on health. These objectives will be achieved via analyses of large European and U.S. data sets on health, ageing and retirement of individuals with age 50+ (SHARE and HRS data) in combination with data on economic variables by the OECD.   Integrative literature searches, multilevel and structural equation modelling as well as meta-analyses will be conducted. The research project will arrive at a multidisciplinary view on economic and individual influence on health in old age, will provide results to differentiate the impact of economic and individual influences in different stages of old age, and will provide the possibility to implement evidence-based interventions on the individual as well as policy making level.

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