Antje Heinrich

MRC - Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Check out Antje's current work at the MRC Institite of Hearing Research.  Antje is also working with The Clerks, an outstanding Renaissance vocal music group on a Large Arts Award from the Wellcome Trust


Age-related changes in the use of linguistic cues for speech intelligibility in background noise


I am interested in the effects of ageing and hearing loss on the use of linguistic cues for speech understanding. In the first part of the project I will examine the effect of fine phonetic detail (FPD), such as resonances, on speech perception. Subsequently, I will compare the effect of FPD with that of other linguistic cues such as semantic context and, possibly, speech rhythm. The goal of the research is to further our understanding of why older listeners can find it difficult to follow a conversation in noisy background under some circumstances but manage as well as, or even better, than young adults in other situations. The broader aim is to understand which cognitive and perceptual factors influence speech perception and how their contribution changes with age. Currently I am working to build up a collection of speech material containing various combinations of speech cues.


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