Bérengère Davin

Research Unit UMR 912 "Economic & Social Sciences, Health Systems & Societies" INSERM

Marseilles, France

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Economics of formal and informal care for an ageing population


Long-term care raises challenging financing and management issues. The research aims at improving the knowledge of living conditions of disabled elderly, from both an economic and a sociologic point of view. It assesses the need for personal assistance with activities of daily living, compares it to care received from relatives and/or formal caregivers, which may help to measure the extent of unmet need and social inequalities. The research also focuses on informal caregivers' motivations to provide care and medical and socioeconomic consequences induced by that supply of care. Costs of care will be evaluated for different health care systems, namely France, Ireland, and Sweden, according to the role given to family, state and market. Analyses and comparisons will use recent dataset and relevant econometric tools. Results will therefore supply useful information for public policies.


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