Birgit Trukeschitz

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Research Institute for Economics of Ageing and Istitute for Social Policy

Vienna, Austria

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Quality of Social Care for the Elderly - The Effects of Public Funding on Social Care Systems & Social Care Provision


Quality of social care for people in later life is a topic of perennial interest. In European welfare states, private funds and public monies are essential for covering the needs of frail elderly people. However, it is not only the level of public funding devoted to the necessities of greying societies it is also how the money is spent that is important.  Research objectives: (i) integration of disconnected concepts of quality of social care for the elderly, (ii) development/redesign of a typology of social care (funding) systems and (iii) analyses of the performance of different regimes of public funding with regard to access to, mix of social care and service quality aspects.  Empirical analyses are based on combining qualitative and quantitative methods of research.


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Birgit Trukeschitz, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Quality of Social Care for the Elderly: Highlights from the FLARE Project

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