Blossom Stephan

Cambridge University, Institute of Public Health

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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An integrated investigation of vascular cognitive impairment in population based studies across Europe


As the population ages the prevalence of cognitive decline and dementia will increase markedly. However, the etiology, pathophysiology and risk factors linked to dementia are not fully understood. Apart from age, vascular disease (VD) is the second largest single identifiable risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia and the only one currently treatable. Earlier diagnosis and identification of preventable or modifiable risk factors for dementia have become major public health priorities. This project will explore the interrelationship between VD, cognitive decline and dementia to determine the mechanisms by which individuals become susceptible to cognitive decline secondary to VD. The aim is to better elucidate vascular related markers that are diagnostically sensitive and specific in identifying those individuals who are likely to progress quickly to dementia. This is relevant as vascular related cognitive impairment is potentially treatable and preventative action may avoid progression to dementia.


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Blossom Stephan, University of Cambridge, UK

An Integrated Investigation of Vascular Cognitive Impairment (VCI) in Europe

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