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Researcher:Dr. Esther Lecovich
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Dr. Esther Lecovich

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Dr. Esther LecovichResearcher


Ben Gurion University

Job title

Senior Lecturer


Beer Sheva


Social Gerontology, Social work, Sociology

Specialist areas

Services for elderly persons (community-based and institutional)
Long-term Care
Migrant workers in elder care

Methodology areas

Quantitative studies


Dr. Esther Iecovich is a social worker and social gerontologist who is a senior lecturer at Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel. She headed the masters program in Gerontology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, between the years 2004 and 2009 and was a member of the steering committee of the program since it’s establishment. She teaches courses dealing with social policies on ageing and administration of services for elderly people. Her fields of research include: Policy issues on aging, services for elderly people, boards and administration of nonprofit organizations, including local voluntary organizations of older people, and caregiving. During the past 5 years Dr. iecovich has been focusing on homecare services provided by migrant live-in homecare workers. She published several articles on this issue and was a member of a European network (NORFACE). Recently Dr. Iecovich has finished a national study about health care services for older adults and a national study on the relationships between migrant homecare workers and the care recipients. She is currently conducting two studies: 1.The trade-off between utilization of daycare centers for frail elderly and health services; 2. Attitudes of nursing staff in hospitals towards the employment of migrant homecare workers providing care to hospitalized elderly patients.
Dr. Iecovich received her doctorate from the Tel Aviv University. Her previous positions included management of community and institutional services for elderly people on local and national levels. In this framework she was the director general of a national voluntary organization that operates 10 long-term care facilities for elderly people. She was also a member of various national commissions on aging in Israel, including the National Committee for Long-term Care (under the long-term care insurance law), the Council for Elderly People, and was a board member and secretary of the Israel Gerontological Society for 16 years. She served as an advisor to the Secretary for the Third Age in Argentina and a consultant of the JDC (Jewish Distribution Committee) in Former Soviet Union countries. In addition, she provides professional consultation to various organizations and services in the field of elder care. She is also a board member of a national non-profit organization that supplies homecare services to frail elderly people in Israel.