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Researcher:Dr.hab.chem. Gunars Duburs
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Dr.hab.chem. Gunars Duburs

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Dr.hab.chem. Gunars DubursResearcher


Latvan Institute of Organic Synthesis; Latvian Academy of Sciences

Job title

Laboratory Head, LCS accredited expert-evaluator in biochemistry; Deputy Chairman, Division of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Aizkraukles 21
LV-1006, R?ga



Specialist areas

Medicinal chemistry

Methodology areas

Methods of organic synthesis
Methods of biochemistry
Lead tracing


Research experience and competence
Research in organic and medicinal chemistry (nitrogen containing heterocycles, antioxidants), drug research (radioprotectors, cardiovascular compounds and neuroprotectors). Developed and registered 2 original preparations for medicine: antihypertensive, antianginal preparation foridone (riodipine), radioprotector diethone; for agriculture – antioxidant, feed and food stabilizer diludine; proposed preparations for organic analysis.

Education, scientific degree and experience
Graduated Latvian State University (1957). Ph.D. (1961). Dr.Sci. (habil.) (1979). Professor (1988). Corresponding member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (1990), full member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (1992). Head of laboratory (since 1965), deputy director of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (1980-2003). Head of the branch of Department of Organic Chemistry (University of Latvia, 1986-1995). Subcontractor of UNESCO grant (1991-1993). Subcontractor of concerted action PECO ERB CIPD 93 0184 (1994-1995). Contractor of grants of the Latvian Council of Science (1994-1996). Subcontractor of EU grant COPERNICUS ERB-CIPA CT 94-0121 (1995-1998). Subcontractor of NATO SFP grant (1997-1999). Contractor of grant 96-718 of the Latvian Council of Science, and program ZP-1–ZP-3 (1997-2000). Contractor of grant 1-0173 (2001-2004), projects 02.004.2, 02.004.3 of the Latvian Council of Science (2001-2005), Projects of the State Research Programme 05-07 (2007-2009), 4-2-2, 4-7-3 (2010). COST D12, D13, D24, D34, B35 partner.

Scientific publications: articles – 515, patents – 68, authors certificates – 106, communications – 415.