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Researcher:Dr Jose Javier Yanguas
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Dr Jose Javier Yanguas

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Dr Jose Javier YanguasResearcher


Ingema Foundation

Job title

Director of Innovation Polo Aging


Camino de los Pinos 27
20018-San Sebastian


Psychology, Social Gerontology

Specialist areas

Sucessfull ageing
Cognition and emotion on ageing

Methodology areas

Longitudinal Studies.
Cuallitative approach


PhD in Biological Psychology and Health from the University Autónoma Madrid (2003), MA in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University Autónoma Barcelona (2004), MA in Statiscs in Spanish Open University (2006). He worked from 1989 until 1999 at the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council Home for the Elderly in Eibar designing and launching projects with the elderly and their families. He has held the position of R&D Director at the Fundación Matia since 1999. He is currently Director of the Fundación Ingema. He continues to research into the elderly and disabilities, is the principal researcher on several projects and is the author or co-author of 70 articles and chapters of books on his speciality.
In 2004, he received the Infanta Cristina Award for Research into Aging and Disability, granted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. In 2005, he received the Research prize winner CajaMadrid for the Donostia Longitudinal Study of Alzheimer’s Disease: effectiveness of non-pharmacological therapies and in 2006, he received the Ramon Areces Foundation Research Prize.
He currently represents the Spanish Geriatric and Gerontological Society at the IAG-International Association of Gerontology and is Vice-Chairman of the Zahartzaroa-Basque Geriatric and Gerontological Society. He co-invented the patented system for analysing a person’s activity and automatically detecting falls. He has taught on degree courses including psychology, medicine, chemistry and pharmacy. He is a supervisor of doctoral theses and has actively participated and collaborated in different European networks such as TTS (Teaching, Training and Support) and Saumont.
He sits on the Editorial Committees of the Spanish Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology, and of the Journal of Psycho-social Intervention. He has moreover participated in several international co-operation initiatives dedicated to the elderly and the disabled.