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Researcher:Prof. Dr. Michael Breitenbach
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Prof. Dr. Michael Breitenbach

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Prof. Dr. Michael BreitenbachResearcher


University of Salzburg

Job title

Head of Department


Hellbrunnerstraße 34
5020 Salzburg


Biochemistry, Biology of Ageing / Biogerontology

Other disciplines


Specialist areas

Role of mitochondria in yeast aging
Role of NADPH oxidases in signalling and aging
Asymmetric segregation of damaged material in the aging/rejuvenation process

Methodology areas

Genetic crosses
Molecular and reverse genetics
Asymmetric segregation of damaged material in the aging/rejuvenation process


Professional positions and history:
1969-1972: PhD Candidate with O. Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Dept. Of General Biochemistry, University of Vienna
1972-1974: Postdoctoral fellow with K. Gersonde, University of Kiel and Technical Univsity of Aachen, Germany
1979/1980: Guest scientist with Shmuel Shaltiel, The Weizman Institute, Rehovot, Israel
1972-1986: Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Department of General Biochemistry (Chairman: Prof. O. Hoffmann-Ostenhof and later Prof. H. Ruis) of Vienna University
1986-1991: Assistant Professor of Genetics, Department of Microbiology and Genetics (Chairman: Prof. R.J. Schweyen), Vienna University
1988: Tenure at Vienna University
1991 - present: Full Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Salzburg

Honors and Awards received:
1982: Habilitation in Biochemistry, University of Vienna
1991: Habilitation in Genetics, University of Vienna
1982: Award of a Max Kade Fellowship to perform postdoctoral studies with Ben Hall (Seattle) and with Kelly Tatchell (Philadelphia)

Service and Recognition:
Grant reviewing for the NSF and the NIH (USA), for the Czech National Science Foundation and the Czech Academay of Sciences, for the National Science Foundation of Slovenia, for the MRC (UK), and for the Austrian National Bank.
Reviewing of PhD Thesises (Austria, Germany, Australia).
Member of the editorial board: International Archives of Allergy and Immunology (past), Applied and Environmental Microbiology (past), FEMS Yeast Research (ongoing), and Experimental Gerontology (ongoing).
Manuscript reviewing: About 40 per year, besides the two journals just named, I am naming only the most high-ranked journals: PNAS, EMBOj, J Mol Biol, J Cell Biol, J. Cell Science, Aging Cell, BBA, Mol Microbiol.
Meetings organized: I have organized 7 International Meetings and Congresses, the last one was the Third International Meeting on Yeast Apoptosis (IMYA) in Salzburg (2004)
Many invited seminars at Universities and at International Congresses, the latest one is at the Congress of the British Mycologicla Society IMC9 The Biology of Fungi in Edinburgh, 1 -6 August, 2010.