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Researcher:Prof Astrida Krumina
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Prof Astrida Krumina

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Prof Astrida KruminaResearcher


Riga Stradins University

Job title

Senior Researcher; Professor, LCS accredited expert evaluator in Biomedicine


Dzirciema Str. 16
LV-1007 Riga


Biology of Ageing / Biogerontology, Clinical Sciences / Geriatrics

Specialist areas

Genetics of ageing
Population genetics
Mitochondrial pathology

Methodology areas

DNA analysis
Genome-wide association analysis
Haplogroup and haplotype analysis


Personal Biography (maximum 300 words):
First name, Last name: Astrida Krumina
Date of birth: 25.12.1940
Place of birth: Riga, Latvia
Address: 13B Ezermalas street, Riga, LV - 1014, Latvia
Contact phone: 67540324

1958 - 1964 Riga Medical Institute, Faculty of Medicine
1954 - 1958 Riga 3rd secondary school
1947 - 1954 Riga 49th primary school

1996 - 1996 Oxford libraries and Churchill Hospital Medical Genetics Laboratories (Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme for East European Scholars) - 1 month
1988 - 1988 Institute of Mental Health (Moscow), Laboratory of Molecular Genetics - 1 month
1975 - 1975 Institute of Medical Genetics (Moscow) - 1 month
1967 - 1971 Institute of Molecular Biology (Moscow) - postgraduate studies

1992 Dr. Habil. Biol.

2003 Professor in Medical Genetics



- Present

Professor in the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics (now – Department of Biology and Microbiology)
Riga Stradins University, Head of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics
1971 - 1978 Riga 3rd Hospital, cytogeneticist
1967 - 1971 Institute of Molecular Biology (Moscow), postgraduate student
1964 - 1967 Daugavpils district hospital, epidemiologist

Human genetics, Population genetics
Since 1994 leader of 5 scientific projects and two cooperation projects , financially supported by Latvian Scientific Council, and one subproject, supported by Latvian Ministry of Education. Leader of the Latvian part of the Baltic - Taiwan collaborative project (2003-2006) .

Latvian Association of Medical Geneticists ,Latvian Society of Geneticists and Breeders, European Society of Human Genetics, American Society of Human Genetics


PUBLICATIONS (5 most important in last 5 years)
1. L.Pliss, K.Tambets, E.-L.Loogväli, N.Pronina, M.Lazdins, A.Krumina, V.Baumanis, R.Villems. Mitochondrial DNA portrait of Latvians: Towards the understanding of the genetic structure of Baltic-speaking populations. –Annals of Human Genetics, 2006, vol.70, pp.439.-458.
2. A.Krumina, J.Keiss, V.Sondore, A.Chernushenko, G.Chernevska, A.Zarina, I.Micule, L.Piekuse, M.Kreile, B.Lace, Z.Krumina, B.Rozentale. From clinical and biochemical to molecular genetic diagnosis of Wilson disease in Latvia. –Russian Journal of Genetics, 2008, vol.44, No.10, pp.1195.-1200.
3. B.Lace, T.Sveger, A.Krams, G.Cernevska, A.Krumina. Age of SERPINA1 gene PI Z mutation: Swedish and Latvian population analysis. –Annals of Human Genetics, 2008, vol. 72, pp.300.-304.
4. Tambets K, Rootsi S, Kivisild T, Help H, Serk P, Loogvali EL, Tolk HV, Reidla M, Metspalu E, Pliss L, Balanovsky O, Pshenichnov A, Balanovska E, Gubina M, Zhadanov S, Osipova L, Damba L, Voevoda M, Kutuev I, Bermisheva M, Khusnutdinova E, Gusar V, Grechanina E, Parik J, Pennarun E, Richard C, Chaventre, A, Moisan JP, Barac L, Pericic M, Rudan P, Terzic R, Mikerezi I, Krumina A, Baumanis V, Koziel S, Rickards O, De Stefano GF, Anagnou N, Pappa KI, Michalodimitrakis E, Ferak V, Furedi S, Komel R, Beckman L, Villems R. The western and eastern roots of the Saami--the story of genetic outliers told by mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes. Am J Hum Genet,. 2004, Vol.74(4), pp.661.-682.
5. A.Krumina, L.Pliss, A.Brakmanis, V.Baumanis. Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and heteroplasmy associated with longevity in the Latvian population. – Proceedings of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences; Genetics, selection and biotechnology, 2007, Logos, Kiev, pp.568 – 571.