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Researcher:Professor Marie-Christine Gély-Nargeot
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Professor Marie-Christine Gély-Nargeot

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Professor Marie-Christine Gély-NargeotResearcher

Job title

Head Master 'Psychopathologie et Neuropsychologie du Vieillissement', Montpellier III
Head 'EA 4425, Psychopathologie, Handicap et Société' Laboratory


Université Paul-Valéry, Montpelier I
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier Cedex 5



Clinical Sciences / Geriatrics, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Social Gerontology

Specialist areas

Psychopathology of aging, clinical sciences
Neuropsychology of aging and rehabilitation
Caregivers, quality of life, social gerontology

Methodology areas

Clinical and experimental methodology
Measurement of change
Tests and questionnaires


Marie-Christine Gély-Nargeot is full Professor of Psychopathology and Neuropsychology of aging at the University Paul-Valéry, Montpellier III, France. She heads a lab (EA 4425 Psychopathology, handicap and Society) and a master degree in Psychology of ageing. She has been researching and writing on ageing and related issues for nearly 15 years and (she has published or co-published 6 books, more than 40 books chapters and reports and 40 scientific papers. She has done more than 200 international or national oral communications). She lead a research program on aging and her current research interests are characterizations of psychological and psycho sociological processes involved in changes related to age and/or to pathology (i.e. cognitive, behavioral changes) and have received various academic and scientific awards. Researches focus on clinical and neuropsychological determinants, means factors that may pose a risk for the development and / or maintenance of psychopathology, but also the underlying mechanisms that govern them and their functions (risk or adaptive factors). So, the psychological vulnerability is apprehended through the most integrated neuropsychological functions in order to examine their interactions and their modulations with the control of emotional, motivational and self-awareness states. But also according to their context of occurrence (effect of institutionalization and of assistance and support). Finally, prospects for clinical applications are also sought (diagnosis criteria, care for caregivers). Pr. Gély-Nargeot held different scientific or executive positions in the field of aging, including Vice-President of the French Federation of Psychology and Psychologists : psychology of ageing, Member of the Standing Committees and Task Forces”, TF Psychology of Ageing (European Federation of Psychologist’s Association), Member of different scientific committee like Fondation Mederic Alzheimer in Paris