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Researcher:Dr / Professor Rosa Gómez Redondo
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Dr / Professor Rosa Gómez Redondo

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Dr / Professor Rosa Gómez RedondoResearcher



Job title

Principal Investigator on Ageing and Longevity in Demography; Assistant Professor


C/ Obispo Trejo, 2
(Facultad de CCPP y Sociologia)
(Facultad de CCPP y Sociologia).



Demography, Sociology

Specialist areas

Longevity and Ageing

Methodology areas

Demography (methodology)
Quantitative Sociological Analysis


Personal Biography (maximum 300 words): R.GÓMEZ REDONDO (June, 2010)
A tenured university professor in the Political Science and Sociology Faculty at the UNED University, Dr. Gómez Redondo's research career has centered on the study of Socio-Demography, specifically on trends in Mortality and Health. She belongs to the Human Mortality Database (HMDB) research network, the International Database of Longevity (IDL) and the Reseau d’esperance de Vie en Santé (REVES). The Aging of the population and the increase of the Longevity, and their consequences of this process at present are recurrent themes in her work.

Professor Gómez Redondo has developed her line of study in these areas through successive research project grants. Her current project focuses on 'Longevity, Disability and Dependency: Health and Quality of Life in Advanced Old Age in Spain at the beginning of the 21st century' (SEJ2006-10972).

In addition to her teaching activities as the Population Studies, Dr. Gómez Redondo directs a team on demographic analysis within the Masters in Public Health Programme at the National School of Health, as well as the Universitary Expert Course in Demography, Aging, Health and Society among the Elderly Population, organized by the Carlos III Institute and the UNED. Currently, Professor Gómez Redondo serves as Social Sciences Area Manager for the National Plan for R&D+i at the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The author of a number of books and collaborative works, Dr. Gómez Redondo has also published many articles in specialized demographic and sociological journals.

The following stand out among her most recent works:
- Gómez Redondo, R. y García González J.M. (2010) “Emergence and Verification of Supercentenarians in Spain” en Supercentenarians, eds. Maier, H., Gampe J., Jeune, B., Robine, J.M. and Vaupel J.W. , Springer, Berlin.

- Canudas-Romo, V, Glei, D., Gómez Redondo, R., Coelho, E. y Boe, C. (2008) , ' Mortality Changes in the Iberian Peninsula in the Last Decades of the Twentieth Century', Population, Vol. 63, 2, 319-346 (also published in French).

-Gómez Redondo, R. y Cossio de Zavala, M.A,(2006) 'Demographic Traitises and Textbooks in Spanish' en Demography: Analysis & Synthesis', Eds: Wunsch, G., Caselli, G. and Vallin, J. CL-Anéxo Volumen: IV-139-4 Páginas 805 -809.Academic Press (Elsevier), San Diego (California) (also published in French).

-Gomez Redondo, R. y Boe, C., (2005) 'Decomposition Analysis of Spanish Life Expectancy at Birth'. Demographic Research, Vol.13-20, pp. 521-546
Max Planck Institut for Demographic Research. Rostock (Germany).