Chengxuan Qui

Karolinski Insitute, Aging Research Center

Stockholm, Sweden

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Current profile at Aging Research Center at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.


The role of lifestyle factors in the prevention of dementia: A life course approach


Lifestyle and health behaviour (e.g. exercise, smoking, and diet) have been linked to cardiovascular disease. Recent studies suggest that these factors also may lead to dementia and Alzheimer's disease, but findings are controversial depending on timing of factor assessments. Lifestyle factors in midlife are more consistently reported than in later life to be associated with dementia. It is hypothesised that there may be a "time window" during which having these risk factors may play a more relevant role in dementia. In this project, we integrate the two databases from the Swedish SNAC-Kungsholmen

Population Study and the Finnish CAIDE Project, in which data on health behaviour, lifestyles, and nutritional factors over the lifespan were available. Dementia and subtype dementia in both projects were diagnosed following the international criteria. By integrating the two well-established databases, we are able to investigate the role of lifestyle factors in dementia from the life-course perspective, and further to formulise the preventative strategy against dementia by targeting these lifestyle factors. As we planned, the data from the two projects are currently being prepared for integration.


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