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FORUM 10 - ERA-AGE: from 2004 to 2020(12)

Alan Walker, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

The European Research Area in Ageing: past and future

PDF, 433 KB Forum 10 - Walker.pdf

Blossom Stephan, Newcastle University, UK

FLARE 1 Alumni: the Impact of FLARE

Anja Leist, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

FLARE 2 Fellows: the Next Generation

PDF, 134 KB Forum 10 - Leist.pdf

Anna Dahl, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

FLARE 2 Fellows: the Next Generation

PDF, 1.2 MB Forum 10 - Dahl.pdf

Yves Joanette, CIHR, Canada

European Programme of Ageing Research: Active and Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course

Marja Vaarama, National Institute for Welfare and Health, Finland

JPI More Years Better Lives: the New Priorities of Member States

Bart Neerscholten, DG CNECT, European Commission

The European Commission research in ICT for Ageing well

FLARE Summer School 2012 - Ireland(21)

SS4 programme

The programme for the Summer School 6-9th August 2012.

PDF, 205 KB SS4 Programme.pdf

Alan Walker, University of Sheffield, UK

The Future of Ageing Research in Europe

PDF, 1.4 MB SS4 02 Walker.pdf

Mirka Rauniomaa, University of Oulu, Finland

Back behind the wheel: Social interactional Perspectives on Older drives and driver education

Nicolas Sirven, IRDES, France

Frailty Research in Economics, Society, and Health (FRESH)

PDF, 238 KB SS4 05 Sirven.pdf

Jenni Kulmala, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Are psychosocial symptoms and self-rated health early and shared risk factors for physical disability and cognitive decline in old age? (PSCog)

PDF, 151 KB SS4 06 Kulmala.pdf

Ana Maria Buga, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova, Romania

Identification of axonal growth-relevant genes in the aged post-stroke brain

PDF, 1.4 MB SS4 07 Buga.pdf

Fredrica Nyqvist, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Finland

Social Capital, Loneliness and Mental Well-Being in an Ageing Population: Social Inequalities

PDF, 393 KB SS4 08 Nyqvist.pdf

Anna Dahl, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Weight trajectories and health in late life; a life course approach

PDF, 1.3 MB SS4 09 Dahl.pdf

Marja Jylha, University of Tampere, Finland

Multi-disciplinary Research

PDF, 262 KB SS4 10 Jylha.pdf

Petra Grönholm-Nyman, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Cognitive training in normal and aging and Mild Congitive Impairment

Anja Leist, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Health in Old Age: A study on the interplay of Economic and Individual influences

PDF, 89 KB SS4 12 Leist.pdf

Henna Hasson, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Successful implementation of improvement programs in elderly care

PDF, 1.1 MB SS4 14 Hasson.pdf

Roman Romero-Ortuno, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

A Frailty Instrument for Primary Care: findings from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

FLARE Summer Schools(0)
Joint Call for "Active and Healthy Ageing..."(2)

Applicant Information Pack

The background information for anyone considering an application for funding

FORUM 9 - 28 November 2011(8)

Alan Walker, University of Sheffield, Coordinator ERA-AGE

European collaboration in ageing research: ERA-AGE 2 and FUTURAGE

PDF, 1.5 MB Walker - Forum 9.pdf

Asghar Zaidi, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

Ageing and Ageing Policy in the New Member States

PDF, 1.3 MB Zaidi - Forum 9.pdf

Jean-Marie Robine, INSERM, France

EHLEIS – European Health and Life Expectancy Information System

PDF, 930 KB Robine - Forum 9.pdf

Uldis Berkis, Latvian Council of Science

Latvian Council of Science in Capacity Development of Ageing Research

PDF, 552 KB Berkis - Forum 9.pdf

Michel Tuchman, CNAV, France

Research programme 2009-2013

PDF, 222 KB Tuchman - Forum 9.pdf

Norman Fisch, FNR, Luxembourg

Building Research Capacity In Luxembourg

PDF, 346 KB Fisch - Forum 9.pdf
FLARE Summer School 2011 - Spain(18)

SS3 programme

The final programme for the Summer School 5-8th September 2011.

Alan Walker, University of Sheffield, UK

Keynote: The Future of Ageing Research in Europe

Blossom Stephan, University of Cambridge, UK

An Integrated Investigation of Vascular Cognitive Impairment (VCI) in Europe

Birgit Trukeschitz, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Quality of Social Care for the Elderly: Highlights from the FLARE Project

Tony Warnes, University of Sheffield, UK

Insights on navigating a changing research landscape

Alan Walker, University of Sheffield, UK

Science and User Engagement - A Case Study

Sibila Marques, EURAGE, Portugal

Attitudes, Ageism and Misconceptions

Faiza Tabassum, UCL, UK

Longitudinal Studies in Ageing Research

Asghar Zaidi, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Austria

Population Ageing and Financial and Social Sustainability Challenges in Europe - A Cross-National Perspective

SS3 report

The final report from the third FLARE Summer School

FLARE 2 Fellows' posters(15)
FORUM 8 - 1 March 2011(10)

Loris Di Pietrantonio,DG INFSO, European Commission

European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) – first pilot test on ‘Active and Healthy Ageing’

PDF, 942 KB Di Pietrantonio.pdf

Gerda Geyer, FFG, Austria

Ambient Assisted Living – an update

PDF, 408 KB Geyer.pdf

Benjamin Knapp, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

BRAID: Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development

PDF, 2.6 MB Knapp.pdf

Monika Lechleitner, Medical Director, Federal Hospital Hochzirl, Austria

Technology and therapy control for geriatric patients

PDF, 1.7 MB Lechleitner.pdf

Leela Damodaran, Department of Information Science, Loughborough University, UK

Achieving and sustaining digital inclusion of older people : some key challenges

PDF, 2 MB Damodaran.pdf

Günter Lepperdinger , Institute for Biomedical Aging Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

New technologies emerging from biogerontology research – what is utopia, what is reality?

PDF, 2.6 MB Lepperdinger.pdf
FLARE Summer School 2010 - Bulgaria(11)

SS2 Programme

The final programme for the Summer School 28-30th September 2010.

Elka Todorova - University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

Lecture: Challenges Facing the Eastern European Researchers and the NMS and Bulgarian Future Ageing Research Priorities

Gill Wells - Senior EU Consultant, PNO

Lecture: Coordinating European Research Projects

FORUM 7 - 11 May 2010(3)
Summary information(3)

FORUM May 2011 programme

Full programme, finalised and corrected

Final report

The full report from the 7th FORUM meeting on 11 May 2010.

Morning presentations(6)

Alan Walker - University of Sheffield (am)


Giovanni Lamura - INRCA (am)

Emerging Research Themes and Issues in the Field of Socio-Economic Resources

Carol Jagger - Newcastle University (am)

Healthy Ageing - Emerging Research Themes and Issues

James Goodwin - Age UK (am)

Report from the User Involvement Workshop

Afternoon presentations(9)

Alan Walker - University of Sheffield (pm)

ERA-AGE 2 and FUTURAGE – Shaping the Future of Ageing Research

Pēteris Zilgalvis - European Commission (pm)

European Health Research Opportunities for Funding

Ines Guerreiro - Portuguese Ministry of Health (pm)

Room for research on a new integrated care system for aged people

Stathis Gonos - NHRF (pm)

Biogerontology: towards a new ageing research agenda

Giovanni Lamura - INRCA (pm)

Social and Economic Resources

James Goodwin - Age UK (pm)

The Essential Elements of the Road Map - The User Perspective

FORUM 6 - 2 February 2009(15)

FORUM 6 report

Newsletter 12 contained the event report for the final ERA-AGE 1 conference

Keynote speaker - Richard Suzman

Richard Suzman, National Institute of Aging, USA

PDF, 783 KB Richard Suzman.pdf

Alan Walker - University of Sheffield

The European Research Area in Ageing: Past and Future

Axel Borsch-Supan - SHARE

Research Infrastructures for Ageing

Silas Olsson - Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living, AAL Joint Programme

Hans-Werner Wahl - Heidelberg University

Environments of Ageing: Potential of Approach and Ways to Profoundly Map Future Priorities

PDF, 1.1 MB Hans Werner-Wahl.pdf

Elizabeth Sclater - Older People's Reference Group

Elizabeth spoke of her experiences of being a member of the Older People's Reference Group (OPRG). Please refer to page 14 of the NDA newsletter for further general information:

PDF, 3.1 MB nda newsletter 2.pdf

Isabel Borges - AGE Platform Europe

Involving Older People in Research

Judith Phillips - Swansea University

Involving Older People in Ageing Research in Wales

Beryl Riley - RuralWIDe

Being involved in a participatory research project from the perspective of a volunteer

PDF, 15 KB Beryl Riley.pdf
FLARE 1 Fellows' posters(26)
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