Jochen Zeigelmann

Freie Universitaet Berlin, German Centre of Gerontology

Berlin, Germany

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Fostering Lifelong Autonomy and Resources in Europe: Behaviour and Successful Ageing (FLARE-BSA)


FLARE-BSA aims to give a solution for the problems of the ageing society by advancing theory development and intervention design in self-regulation and successful ageing. A key aim is to derive and to evaluate age-sensitive health behaviour change interventions from the Theories of Selection, Optimization and Compensation and Socioemotional Selectivity Theory. A closely related aim is to study the interplay between health behaviours and objective as well as subjective indicators of successful ageing (Key topics: motivational and volitional resources; health behaviours; objective and subjective health; designing age-sensitive interventions). Based on new intervention studies as well as on the analysis of existing databases an innovative approach to foster health behaviour change across the lifespan and relationship between health behaviours and successful ageing will be established (


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