Joint calls

ERA-AGE has two joint calls: FLARE for post-doctoral research fellowships, and; a joint call for research in "Active and Healthy Ageing". 

Neither call is currently open for applications, but please browse through the pages for more information.

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Active and Healthy Ageing

In 2011 the European Research Area in Ageing (ERA-AGE 2) has launched Europe's first joint research programme in the ageing field by publishing a call for multidisciplinary research applications on "Active and Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course".   Find out more information about the call ...Read more »



FLARE is the first European programme on ageing research funded by the Member States themselves.

FLARE has two innovative features: part of the fellowship must be spent in another country and involve a cross-disciplinary collaboration. These novel features reflect the strong scientific co...Read more »