Kristina Tiainen

University of Tampere, School of Public Health

Tampere, Finland

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Inflammation, muscle weakness and disability in older people


Although the recent studies have suggested that inflammation may play an essential role in the process of aging and the development of disabilities, the pathway from inflammation to functional limitation and disability is not fully understood. The purpose of this study is to examine associations of the inflammatory markers with muscle weakness, functional limitation and disability and if genetic factors account for these associations. In addition, the aim is to investigate to what extent gene polymorphisms that regulate the inflammatory markers are associated with muscle weakness, functional limitations and disability among old (aged 65 years and over) and the oldest-old (aged 90 years and over) men and women.  The systematic analysing has been started to examine longitudinal changes in the contributions of genetic and environmental effects to isometric muscle strength among older twins. The results of the project will provide new insight to the explanation of the individual differences in the development of muscle weakness and functional limitations. Results will also help to understand why some persons can live without functional disabilities to very old age whereas others suffer from mobility limitations even at younger ages.


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