Social Capital as a Health Resource in Later Life: The Relevance of Context


FLARE Fellow Fredrica Nyqvist is one of the co-editors of "Social Capital as a Health Resource in Later Life: The Relevance of Context", published by Springer as part of its International Perspectives on Ageing series.  

With co-editor Anna K Forsman, Dr Nyqvist has assembled a series of 15 papers from authors in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, to demonstrate the potential of social capital for promoting health and well-being in an ageing population.    In the Preface, the editors state:

"Our main intention with this book was to add to scientific knowledge of the relevance of social capital for older people’s health and well-being, and thanks to all our authors we have achieved that aim. However, research-based evidence needs to be better utilised in policy and practice, which was another purpose in compiling this book – to provide readers with useful evidence on how to turn knowledge into practice. The underlying question is how to increase health and well-being amongst older people, and there is no single and correct answer to that. This book, however, provides a number of important and clarifying pieces in the complex puzzle of understanding socio-environmental influences on health."

The book also draws on the FLARE research of another Fellow, Nicolas Sirven, who has contributed to chapter 11: "Social Participation and Health: A Cross-Country Investigation among Older Europeans". 

Find out more at the Springer website or download the flyer.