The ERA-AGE Conference 2015


This European conference profiled the research which has been produced by projects funded through two ERA-AGE initiatives:

- Six research projects on Active and Healthy Ageing from the Joint Call for Research in Ageing programme (JCRA AHA).

- Two cohorts of post-doctoral FLARE Fellowships for early-career researchers.

These two initiatives represent Europe’s first joint research programmes in the ageing field and funded exclusively multi-national and multi-disciplinary research.  During the morning session the conference presented findings from all the JCRA AHA projects and a number of the FLARE projects.   During the afternoon two panel discussion sessions took place, to present lessons learned on key issues in multidisciplinary, multinational research.   

Presentations from the day are available below and photos from the event are available here.

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ERA-AGE 2015 conference - poster

Promotional poster for the ERA-AGE 2015 Conference

JCRA Project: CACTUS D: Continence across Continents to Upend Stigma and Dependency

Cara Tannenbaum, Institute of Gender and Health - CIHR, Canada

Good practice doing cross-national multidisciplinary research

Antje Heinrich, MRC Institute of Hearing Research, UK/HEARATTN

How to ensure effective user engagement in research

Eleanor van den Heuvel, Brunel University, UK /CACTUS-D

How to ensure effective user engagement in research

Arlene Astell, University of Sheffield, UK /AAL-WELL