Yvonne Brehmer

Karolinska Institute, Aging Research Center

Stockholm, Sweden

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Current profile at Aging Research Center at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University.



Mechanisms of Strategic Elaboration and Associative Binding in Episodic Memory:  A Lifespan Developmental Approach


EM efficacy increases from childhood to adulthood and deceases in old age. This lifespan trajectory may suggest similar mechanisms underlying child development and ageing in EM performance. However, maturational and senescence-related changes of memory performance may reflect different processes, for EM is not a unitary ability but involves different components.

The research project will assess the relative importance of two components (e.g., strategic and associative) in affecting age differences in EM performance, using children, younger adults, and older adults. fMRI as well as EEG methods will be applied to delineate neural correlates of age-related memory changes across the lifespan. The investigation of the underlying neural correlates of different EM components and their potentially different lifespan trends will allow for clear predictions on unique and shared maturational and senescence-related changes across the lifespan.


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